TERA which is the official abbreviation for The Exiled Realm of Arborea is a fantasy 3D game released on 25th January2011 in South Korea. The game has the typical features of MMORPG like player vs player action, questing and crafting. The game incorporates third person camera view hence introducing real time battle system in its combat. Instead of tabbing or clicking the opponent the player hits the target with a cross-hair cursor.

To play the game one needs to learn the basics. Survival in the game depends on your movements and not standing still. It is also easier to miss shots if you are out of range of the shot. Always look out for the monste`s changing tells eg changing colours or flashing eyes which indicate anger meaning the monster is enraged and can chase you to your death and better still they are more vulnerable to your attacks. Always know your role as each class is programmed to work as either solo or group focusing on four main characters ie defense healing ranged damage and melee damage. Your teammates strengths enhance yours when in a group. Combat indicators are there to tell you what just happened. There are three types of armor in this game each with its signature weapon. There are four ways of getting equipment ie by finding and earning it naturally or crafting and buying if you cant wait. Achievements include monsters killed and gold collected. Parties help you team up and tackle challenges, you can either join one or join an existing one.

End game
Tera’s end game is a reward in itself for apart from the memories of past experiences with monsters you have lots of things to do;
1. Big ass monsters who you have been encountering come again and you have a chance of adding to your achievements and earn some rare rewards.
2. Bigger dungeons. the game has a hard mode reserved for five of the most fierce dungeons, you will need your best gear and A game to survive.
3. A new day comes with new challenges and some things here are earned and not bought . To earn the respect of factions you need to keep playing keep getting reputation rewards and kill monsters. Your actions will bring you closer to getting powerful rewards.
4 The nexus, here you fight on the front line.

Each nexus raid will lead to quests and a party matching system to connect you with other players of mutual interest and carnage.


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