Skyforge is a recently released MMORPG from a veteran development team that includes the Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment; Skyforge is also free-to-play and is more sci-fi based than fantasy.

In the world of Skyforge, Gods get their powers from their followers; over time players can become Gods and join the fight to protect the world and counter invasions. The explanation for this is pretty simple, the planet of Aelion was once protected by Greater God Aeli who vanished and left the world open to attack from hostile Gods. The player begins as an immortal soldier fighting to protect Aelion and after selecting their beginning class, character personalization and completion of tutorials they begin to adventure around Aleion completing Combat Missions. The world of Skyforge is a cross between science fiction and fantasy where immortals and Gods live alongside advanced technology.

The graphics are most certainly quality for Skyforge with some very nice details which players running the game at a medium and above graphics level will be able to admire. The scenery and organic beings are all well designed to suit the science fiction – fantasy crossover world that makes up Skyforge. Building on this there are armour types available for both sci-fi fans and fantasy fans with detailed full plate armours to futuristic battle armour; Skyforge does well to mesh the two separate genres in one game graphics wise.

There are 13 available classes for players to select from and each one will provide a different playstyle with different combat capabilities; the classes are also a hybrid between science fiction and fantasy with a mix of classes such as Archer, Knight, Kinetic and Gunner. It is possible for players to switch between classes at will and players have the option of levelling all the classes in a single character. The variety of classes also adds a wide range of weapons to the world which continues to blend science fiction with the realm of fantasy.

Combat itself is a mix of normal and heavy attacks used alongside abilities which can be chained together for more powerful attacks; enemies in the game will also display four tags next to their health bar giving a general description of the enemy’s stats which can certainly be worth paying attention to.

Not only a PVE game there are also PVP zones for players to battle it out with their guilds in Team Deathmatches, Capture the Flag and more modes. The guilds in Skyforge are called “Pantheons” and large scale battles between Pantheons can occur in both PVP and PVE styles.


Skyforge is certainly one of the more pleasant free-to-play MMORPGs available on the internet even though it is certainly not perfect. The game does not push for player to pay real money for items or bonus’s in game which is certainly a positive. Skyforge does well at blending the genres of science fiction and fantasy together to produce an interesting and detailed world; the world of Skyforge is certainly worth a look for both fantasy and Science Fiction MMO fans.


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