Nosgoth is a multiplayer action game which is a part of the Legacy of Kain series and is being developed by Psyonix; Nosgoth is still in Open Beta meaning the game is not yet complete however it’s current state can give the impression it is complete.


Nosgoth sets place after the execution of Raziel in Legacy of Kain: Soul Raver and after Kain has seemed to abandon his empire. As a result of this the empire has fallen apart and Vampire clans are at war with each other; with the Vampires distracted, the Humans are taking their chance to escape their slavery to the vampires and begun to build themselves into a fighting force by training themselves and reconstructing cities and defences. From this a new war has begun over the land of Nosgoth as both sides fight for supremacy, freedom and control over the other.


The dark maps certainly suit the dark realm of Nosgoth well though players will need to push up their brightness settings for some maps such as The Crucible which is extremely dark in some areas. Visually the game looks wonderful and highly detailed; there are many small details players may not notice while playing a match. While the graphics are great especially for a free-to-play game they are not nearly as important as the combat is considering this is an action game.


Combat for each side is very different; Vampires are more a hack and slash style whereas Humans play as a third person shooter. Each side has a variety of different classes with a range of weapons and abilities making each class very different to the last. Learning the classes can be difficult feat depending the class and abilities being used as many of them will just require trial-and-error to understand how to effectively use them; each class has it’s own place on the battlefield along with it’s own weaknesses and strengths. For example there is only one flying class in the game which is on the Vampire side who can be knocked out of the sky by the Scout on the Human side using a specific weapon. It does need to be emphasised though that this is a team based game and not working as a team will always equal a loss.

The current main gamemode is Team Deathmatch which is always available and the gamemode is very straight forwards; there are 10 minutes per round and players switch sides after either the time runs out or once a score of 30 has been reached. There is currently a ‘Capture the Flag’ and ‘Capture the Objective’ mode in development which are both very different to the standard gamemode and entertaining in their own rights.

Nosgoth does have an ESL league and the developers are working on a League for solo players and teams; the in-game League will reward players who do well and the top 100 players will be given cash rewards depending on how high they place.

Combat in Nosgoth is varied and each game can be very different due to the variety of classes and skills that are available for play. The only issue is with matchmaking however this is no fault of the developers; matchmaking only works if there are enough players online and a small player pool will unfortunately put professional ESL players in games against relatively new players.


Nosgoth is still a work in-progress game however the gameplay as it stands is very good. Every match will be different and will force players to adapt in order to balance their team or work out how to take on the enemy. Some work does still need to be done but as it stands Nosgoth is a fun team based action game with a strong community of players behind it.


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