Goddess of war


Goddess of War is a unique RPG web game that’s based on Western mythology and is the very first multi-hero 3D Action RPG web game; players recruit other heroes from various popular Western mythologies to join them in battle by either unlocking them or recruiting them if come across while exploring. While being somewhat unique the game is not free from the classic MMO browser automated systems for combat and questing.

Goddess of War tells the story of a fierce war between the Admodian and Protass after the disappearance of the Universe Creator; the player is an empire soldier and a hybrid of the two races with powers yet to awaken who will determine the fate of the world. It’s a pretty nice story line which is developed through various instance based quests to further the storyline while players also gradually uncover the history of their characters and become more powerful.

Players have two classes to select from which are gender specific; the more defensive female paladin class and the more offensive male swordsman class. There are currently no long range or support classes available for the player to play.

The graphics for the game are certainly not the best around but this is a browser game so only so much should be expected from it. The graphics are not perfect but for a browser game they aren’t too bad, still it’s not much to look at.

Heroes and NPCs all look relatively unique and different from each other to a certain extent which is certainly not a bad thing; player customization is very limited however which is somewhat of a disappointment.

Combat in the game can be fully automated along with the questing system; it’s possible to just leave the game running and let it automatically grind your character up a few levels. It is possible to interact during PVE combat however by clicking on the target enemy.

Heroes such as Archangel Gabriel, Thor, Hercules and Diana the Roman Goddess of the Hunt can join the player to fight alongside them in a battle team that have a total of 6 available positions; it is also possible to level the heroes in the players battle team to make the team even stronger overall and become a force to be reckoned with.

PVP is also available in this game; the arena where players can fight solo with their Hero companions to compete against other players around the world and improve their in-game ranking. There are also active guilds in the game that players can join and partake in guild based PVP fights or “Guild Wars” as the game calls them.

The story for Goddess of War is an interesting one however it doesn’t have a whole lot else going for it with gameplay that can be totally automated and greatly limited character customization. Still, if you are looking for a browser action RPG then Goddess of War may be worth you checking out especially if you value story.


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