Felspire is a free-to-play browser based MMORPG which was released last month that feels an awful lot like many other browser MMORPG’s; ignoring the recycled content however anyone relatively new to browser MMO’s may find this game interesting.

Felspire is set in the fantasy world of Eremos where the mysterious Felspire acts are a portal to the underworld which crosses the worlds of human and monsters in a dangerous realm that only the player can save. Eremos is an open world for player to explore and hunt special items through the area map; that is if you turn off the automatic questing feature and don’t go AFK. The story itself is somewhat basic and lacking however browser MMO players should never expect that much in terms of story from games such as this.

The graphics for Felspire are alright; nothing special but they do. This graphics style is extremely common in browser MMORPGs especially the games developed by 37Games who are known for pushing out similar or almost identical browser MMO games. As a 2D flash game the graphics work but potential players should not expect a high standard from this game.

Players do have the option to control their character during combat by selecting attacks and abilities to use but combat can be entirely automated; there is an auto combat system which allows players to never actually fight unless they want to, instead it’s possible to just leave the game running and left the game’s automated system complete fights and quests for you.

There are three classes available for players and each one plays its own separate role on the battlefield; or should do at any rate. Warriors are the close range melee class that can tank for the other two distance fighting classes; archers are of course long range and mages are best suited at a distance as well though they need to be closer to the enemy than the archers. Each class has different abilities which can be unlocked through character progression, any grinding can be avoided via the games automated combat and questing systems.

Felspire does have active guilds and a PVP arena for those wanting to fight with other players. There are stronger areas for players to clear in order to gain large EXP boosts which can also be left on auto combat; the area with the highest EXP boost however is the “Demon Abyss” which can be accessed three times a day unless you pay real money for a VIP membership but even then you can only access the area up to six times per day.

Felspire has nothing unique about it and the content feels very recycled. The lack of a a detailed story, automated system and pushing for players to part with their cash is rather off-putting to anyone who has played a range of MMO’s. This is not really one worth playing for a long period of time.


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