Elvenar is a mix of a fantasy builder game and a generic MMORPG. As the creator of your own province, it is your duty to oversee the building placement, supply production, and overall happiness of your city and its residents. Bolster your forces, put your workshops to work preparing tools and food, and keep a close eye on enemy territories as you build up your own. Be you Human or Elven, the pressure is on to keep watch, and grow!
In Elvenar, balancing your supplies, coin, and needs are key to playing the game successfully. You begin with a relatively simple town – “simple” meaning all you’ve got is a main building and people with no proper place to live (like buying your first “fixer upper”) – and using a mixture of trade negotiations and general building, form a powerful city from the ground-up. Everything is strictly point-and-click (beyond the nickname you choose – choose wisely, the character images are pre-set males, and having a rough looking elf with the name “Princess Sparkler” is only funny so many times) and uses real-time countdowns for every activity you set your people to do. Don’t worry, each activity lists how long it will take, so you can spend plenty of time agonizing whether you want to risk a day for better stuff, or stick to smaller, five-minute intervals. You even get a demanding friendly advisor with a list of chores quests to assist you in improving your city.
For once, money isn’t the biggest factor in this game (though it helps to have it on hand). In fact, between the regular taxes you gain from the people of your city, and the coin gained from fulfilling your advisor’s orders requests, the gold will easily be flowing into your town. No, my friends, the hardest thing to maintain is supplies. Training your soldiers, trading for goods, and building all require the same thing: supplies. You could waste your time ordering your people to produce them – if you don’t mind waiting. Or, you could do what you’d really like: take the goods by force! A trader wants more goods then you’re willing – or able to – give? Attack his guards! You’re enraged because your neighbor’s city is shinier than yours? Full-force siege my friends, and hope for the best! Or, for the less violent types: join a Fellowship. Get your friends together in a group and help each other out (then backstab them later, if you want). Trade without fees, get aid where it’s needed, and talk smack about the other groups.
Elvenar is an interesting game with a lovely soundtrack. Given its use of countdowns for most tasks, I’d set this up for anyone who wants a game to entertain them during lunch breaks or those sweet moments of peace amongst a busy day. Don’t worry about leaving your town alone for a few days – that just means more money to collect when you finally check in again. Fans of city builders and fantasy games will love this one.