Elsword is a JRPG that isn’t the worst manga game ever but… isn’t exactly the best either. Yes, it meets its target ordinance, but it just keeps repeating and repeating. The moving isn’t ideal, first of all you have to use the arrows key which some people are comfortable with, but most are used to the (W,A,S,D) keys. This is a game I would only recommend to series Manga RPG fans.


Bit of a plot going on here, no clue what it’s about but, it’s manga I guess so…


Hmmm, arrow keys. Not my preferred way of moving around but, hey, everybody’s different!


Game is flat and similar to a platformer but does its best at looking 3D.


Wow, everything here wants to kill me? Enemies are very week and slow, they get stronger and faster the higher the level.


Catching up on the village gossip with Chief Hagus, unfortunately no useful information from these people.


Walking animations not great, I seem to glide down stairs, am I a ghost..?