Aion was originally released back in 2009 and since then the developers have been hard at work trying to improve the game and bring it up to the standard it should have been at the initial launch of the game. Aion is a MMORPG which became free-to-play in Europe and North America so anyone in those regions can give the game a try for free. So far there have been three expansions to the game which add a host of features, quests and classes.


Players have the choice of two divine factions which are in a state of war in order to stop an ancient evil that threatens to destroy the world. Initially the God Aion created the world of Atreia it created the Drakan, a powerful dragon-link beast race to safeguard the humans performing the will of Aion on the planet. Over time the Drakan began to abuse the humans so in response Aion created 12 Empyrean Lords in response who were able to create a forcefield around the Tower of Eternity protecting the humans within the area. The Drakan renamed themselves as the Balaur and all negotiations with them failed leading to their eventual banishment but peace did not come then; instead the Empyrean Lords began to fight with each other and separated becoming the two divine factions, Amodians and Elyos.


Visually, Aion looks nice. As a 3D third-person game the graphics are certainly a good quality for a free-to-play MMO; the fact that the game was released in 2009 and there have been few graphic overhauls certainly shows. The interface for the game looks very good graphically and will well designed to be pleasing on the eye for any player, abilities are clear and each graphic for them looks different compared to another ability making it difficult to confuse them when in battle.


Aion has 11 main classes and 6 subclasses available to play; at the start of the game players can choose between 6 primary classes which include the standard RPG of Warrior and Mage. After reaching level 10 players can specialize into two different classes associated with their main class which provides a larger skill tree for the player to unlock.

Aions puts greater focus on skills and abilities that chain together to form strong combo moves; these combos can only be performed during a short window period immediately after another move has been performed and these moves are typically mapped to the same key. While this can make combat much easier to does sadly make some battles seem more like a quicktime event than an actual fight.

As expected there are PVP areas for players to fight in, either alone or with Aion’s Guild equivalent called a ‘Legion’. Within the PVP zones there are fortresses which can be controlled by individual Legions and PVP battles in this area are for control of the fortresses. Battles for fortresses introduce siege weapons to destroy the walls.

Despite it’s age Aion is still a relatively fun game and the siege PVP battles can certainly feel very different to most other free-to-play MMO’s that currently exist for download. Fantasy MMO fans should at least enjoy some of the content in Aion especially as the game is still being updated and expansions for it are still being released.


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