When you see the Top Eleven 2017 update, it does not feel if many things had changed.

Former manager of Chelsea, José Mourinho (check his resume), remains the trembling main man in the game, although he is currently unemployed.

In comparison with Football Manager or ChampMan16, Top Eleven players, teams can be named by player, stats can be adjusted too.

While other Footbal Manager management titles, you can play long and boring sessions (Marathon), and the plow through all games at your own speed, the Top Eleven approach of the game is very different.

First impressions

The games in the Top Eleven are against another player teams, scheduled current specific time, which means you should ask yourself to watch your team on the 2D basic game or later come back to see how good things  went.

The problem is – how to spend time between the fights? Without female models showing off and nightclub fights, how it is possible to spend your time? Lets do some training!

With the balance between preparation and exhaustion, choose a number of training exercises – from a slow and relaxed jogging to the middle of intense sprint train sets – it will help you setup for another game.

The more you exercise and train, or when you improve as an coach, learn extra exercises in future sessions – a choice of three. Each of them to strengthen your team in another region.

As before, there is also a chat section to chat about the games between and do real-time bidding against other players.

This is a pleasant and tense experience, similar to transfers events you see in real game of football. Worth to note that it is also expensive.

Although the players make money (Top Eleven currency), everything will cost you real money at some point, which means that intense wars of bidding for the most sought players.

Last two days, I spent time and money on the transfer black market and managed to score 2 four-star players. They are not exclusive in the world, but certainly a good improvement.
Since I strengthened my team, I have reliably informed each match that my team is the favorite. On the paper, my other player is worse.

There are several currencies / resources in Top Eleven, which can be supplemented with real money or with a Top Eleven Hacks that are scattered across on the internet.

Tokens (strong currency), money (soft), treatment (accelerated recovery of injuries), moral activator and residues (recovered energy).

A token is used when you buy a player, which means that the wheels and transactions can be expensive.